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Founded in 1867, this quiet community was the eastbound end of the line for the original Central Pacific Railroad. Rich in mining history, the area boasts two of the world's largest gold mines. There are also many other treasures to be discovered, such as the beautiful Humboldt Palisades overlooking the Humboldt River and historic sites over a hundred years old.

  • Carlinites like to call their community “Where the Train Stops and the Gold Rush Begins,” celebrating its two predominant industries. Born during the great Western railroad expansion, its high school teams still proudly display “Railroaders” on their bright red uniforms. Carlin’s mineral - rich surroundings led to North America’s most fevered twentieth century gold rush. The Carlin Trend is the gateway to one of the richest mining regions on the face of the earth. The local mines provide employment to thousands of local residents.

  • The railroad that created Carlin was built in part by Chinese immigrant labors. Some of them settled here and grew extensive vegetable gardens. The City has developed that area into the Chinese Gardens, a nature walk study area, and a large fishing pond.

  • The Carlin Canyon Historical Wayside, east of the city, is a travel route for Native Americans, mountain men, emigrants, the Central Pacific Railroad and finally motorists when the route was designated U.S. Route 40. Carlin Canyon is also the site of a unique geologic formation.

  • Carlin is currently working to create a Nevada Gold Mining Interpretive Center, and an Equestrian Center. Both are scheduled to be completed late spring 2005. The Mining Interpretive Center will provide an entertaining and educational journey through the wonders of historic and modern day gold mining in Nevada.

  • Recreation in Carlin includes: fishing, equestrian center, motor cross, horseshoes, skate park, tennis courts, basketball court, playground, picnic area, baseball/softball fields, hiking in Carlin Canyon, trails for dirt bikes & 4 wheelers and the Chinese Gardens.

  • For more information on Carlin visit our website at or contact Carlin City Hall at 775-754-6354, mailing address P.O. Box 787 Carlin, NV 89822.

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