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Jackpot - billed by its partisans as "Nevada's Northern Gateway Community" - is one of those towns that just had to be invented, and has evolved into a complete destination resort with nationally-known entertainment.

This booming border town is a favorite for gaming and entertainment. The town boasts its own 18-hole golf course and 6,000 foot runway accommodating private aircraft. And the tantalizing varied cuisine is second to none! Jackpot holds a wide array of special events and activities throughout the year, ranging from hollering contests to pigeon racing.

  • Smack on U.S. 93 just south of the Idaho border, Jackpot was born in the 1950's to provide a logical outlet for gaming-hungry Idahoans looking for the razzle-dazzle of Nevada. They're still hungry, and Jackpot still feeds 'em.

  • The town didn't acquire its worldwide fame, however, until an enterprising journalist set up shop at Cactus Pete's Casino. Carl Hayden, an irascible mix of Mark Twain and Walter Winchell - with more than a little P.T. Barnum tossed in - tirelessly marketed Cactus Pete's and his adopted community for decades. People around the globe were drawn to Jackpot by Hayden's witty dispatches.

  • Carl is gone now, but his memory is kept fresh in quirky, fun-loving Jackpot, where new-Vegas gaming mixes with old-Vegas atmosphere.

  • The town's five hotel-casinos offer remarkable variety. There's Cactus Pete's of course, grown since Hayden's heyday into a glitzy, world-class high-rise that is your first distant view of Jackpot. Across the street is the Horseshu, a row of faux Old West buildings that immediately grabs the heart and imagination of every visitor. Sturdy, long lived Barton's Club 93, the Four Jacks and the West Star Resort Hotel, complete the itinerary, offering all the fun, food and hospitality any Nevada traveler could want.

  • Jackpot is also crazy for aircraft, hosting fly-ins of every sort all year long at its remarkably well-equipped airport, and its 18 hole golf course keeps duffers happy - even in winter, when you can play a round with a brightly colored, snow defeating ball. If golf isn't your game, the extensive Jackpot Recreation Center offers year-round swimming and other fitness activities.

  • The town of Jackpot exists for one reason: fun! And it does fun very, very well.

  • For more information on Jackpot, Nevada call 1-775-755-2229 or 1-775-755-2448. You can also email us at