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Heading northeast from Reno along Interstate 80, you'll first encounter Lovelock, a western farming community which has served as a comfortable stopping place for travelers since the days of the wagon trains.

The lyrically-named seat of Pershing County, Lovelock at first sight offers the Interstate-80 traveler emerald vistas of alfalfa, a lush vision after miles of desert scrub and sagebrush. No wonder Lovelock was known early on as "Big Meadows."

  • Lovelock's greenery is fed by the waters of the Humboldt River, stored at Rye Patch Reservoir, a state recreation area 22 miles north of the city. a favorite of fishermen and boaters, and a principal playground for locals and visitors, Rye Patch also is often mistaken for a mirage by highway-hypnotized tourists. Don't be fooled.

  • Quite possibly Nevada's most well rounded small city, Lovelock's agriculture, mineral and livestock industries hum along at a dependable clip, year after year. The area boasts the state's largest feedlot, the nation's second-largest silver mine (Coeur Rochester), and extensive farming operations which produce high-quality alfalfa, wheat, barley and oats.

  • Lovelock Court HouseSpeaking of "well-rounded," Lovelock's claim to architectural fame is its round courthouse, said to be the only one of its kind in the nation still functioning as a courthouse. Designed by noted architect Frederick J. DeLongchamps and built in 1919, the building occupies a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • And speaking of history, a side trip to the ghost town of Unionville - where Mark Twain had a cabin during his prospecting days - is a vivid journey into the past.

  • Located within easy driving distance of Reno, Lovelock is ideally situated as a place far enough from the city to maintain its smalltown character, but close enough to take advantage of metropolitan shopping and entertainment.

  • Lovelock grew as an important waystation for the traveler on the way West. It still is. Its cool greenery, friendly people and bountiful attractions make the western gateway to Cowboy Country a refreshing stopover, indeed.

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